What is a tooth extraction?

There are certain circumstances that occur where a tooth cannot by saved or repaired by any dental treatment and must be removed. The complete removal of a tooth from your smile is called a tooth extraction. Generally, a tooth extraction in Marietta, Georgia is performed because the tooth has been killed by tooth decay or damage. The infection that has destroyed the tooth lingers on and can continue to damage the healthy teeth and gum tissues in your smile. To prevent this, we remove the tooth as soon as we are able. We understand the impact of losing a tooth under any circumstances. Dr. James M. Kinney, our caring dentist, will only suggest a tooth extraction if it is absolutely necessary. We also provide multiple cosmetic and restorative options to replace any missing tooth.

How is a tooth pulled?

Our skilled dental team has the skill and experience to aid in extracting a decayed or damaged tooth. Before removing the tooth, we will numb the area with local anesthesia. We will then gently remove the tooth. Afterwards, your gums will be expertly cared for to aid in the healing process, based on your individual needs and the severity of the treatment. We will also provide detailed instructions on how to take care of your smile at home. For more information about how we take care of your smile with expert tooth extractions, please contact us today.